Watering Hole

Come along lovelies I have found the most incredible place to show you! Gates of Melancholy is inspired from the life and work of painter Andrew Wyeth. It will give you the feeling that you are in a watercolor painting done by this incredible painter.

Photos were taken using the region windlight, and a facelight when needed.

Missy Higgins – Watering Hole

Watering hole in my head
all that I pray is one night’s rest


but those creatures arrive with a thirst they want quenched
and as hard as I fight


they still get in
to my head


to that watering hole
in my head…


But every night one by one


all of the beasts I once ran from
crawl out of the darkness and into my bed


These vultures of light they must be fed


in my head


Willow is Wearing:

Hair – Phoenix – Fabienne Hair Color Mix  – This hair is so fabulous, and comes with a equally fabulous hud.

Head – Lelutka Aria – with Applier from League Luna -Medium

Eyeshadow – Alaskametro (fb) – “Smokeshow” (mp) – Comes with 6 incredible shades in Tattoo layers, Hud for Eve, Omega, TMP, Slink Visage, and Lelutka – My new favorite go to eyeshadow.

Lipstick –  Deesses Boutique -LeLutka – Natural lipstick set (5 colors) – All the matte goodness!

Skin – League –  Medium

Body – Slink Physique

Shape – Willow Shape (soon to be available at my MP store)

Necklace – Oxide – Geometric Leaf Necklace – A fabulous necklace with a great hud.

Nail Polish –  (NO) Art Nails – Glitz Glam – Comes with Hud for nails & pedicure in 8 awesome colors.

Bracelet – Izzie’s – Assorted Beads Bracelet (female)  – Left & right arm included in 4 spectacular colors with a resizer.

Butterflies – CNZ – Love Butterfly – Includes 3 adorable butterflies with 4 poses to use with them. Just touch the butterfly to change the color. – I seriously adore these!

Dress – Luas – Beach Dress – Green – This incredible dress comes in fitted mesh, Slink Physique & Hourglass and Maitreya

Shoes – Delirium Style – Marion Clogs  – Comes fitted for Slink & Belleza with a ankle lock included. Oh, and the HUD….WOW! 4 metals, 6 heels, and 16 upper colors to choose from!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Watering Hole

Light It Up

Let me tell you a little bit of what Second Life means to me. It means being able to walk, run, and even fly when my legs fail me in reality. It means being able to dance, and socialize when I can barely turn my head or lift my arms in reality. It means experiencing, and seeing so many incredible things when at times I can’t leave my home in reality. It means getting to spend time with people I love who are far away from me in reality. For me, and many others with disabilities Second Life is truly a wonderful thing that gives us educational resources, a support system, and a bit of a reason to smile on tough days.

I was fortunate when I came into Second Life (fb) almost 10 years ago that I knew people already with experience on what I would need to do. I will forever be grateful for that. For those new to Second Life (sign up link) the experience can be confusing. I was happy to find Virtual Ability, Inc. They provide orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness. And, they do a fabulous job of it! Head over to Virtual Ability Island, and check them out.


Come along lovelies, I’ll show you around!


You start with the basics.


Learn all about flying.


Have a chat with Bob.


Learn about your inventory, how to unpack, and wear things.


Pick up some new clothes, and find a look that is perfect for you to start with.


Cheer, because learning all this stuff can feel a little overwhelming!

(Pose –no wow- [wild thing])


There is more to see there, and they even have advanced tutorials.

Now for some fashion goodness!


Hair – Wasabi Pills – Lee Mesh Hair – Love this hair!

Head – Lelutka Aria – with Applier from League Luna -Medium

Eyes  – IKON Triumph Eyes – Kawaii – Get them, love them!

Eyeshadow – Alaskametro (fb) – “Smokeshow” (mp) – Comes with 6 incredible shades in Tattoo layers, Hud for Eve, Omega, TMP, Slink Visage, and Lelutka – Keep slaying Alaskametro!

Lipstick –  Deesses Boutique -LeLutka – Sweet lipstick set (5 colors) – Slaying it in the makeup design!


Polish – La Boheme  – Magnetic Omni Set – 10 Awesome colors to choose from

Skin – League –  Medium

Body – Slink Physique

Shape – Willow Shape (soon to be available at my MP store)

Dress – Moolala – TBBH6 ’16  – Comes with Standard fitmesh, and Slink sizes – This lovely dress is for The Beach Bunny Hunt which runs until July 31st.

Shoes – Diamante – Vici Heel – Original Mesh design for Slink High feet, and they come with a epic HUD!


Major Lazer – Light it Up

Chasing our crazy dreams
Hoping that the bridge won’t cave in
Tonight we let it all go free

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!


Light It Up


Come along with me to Basilique – Bar Moderna my lovelies!

“Basilique is a lovely town set in northern Italy. Visitors are invited to walk the leafy square and waterfront piers, relax in the bar or cafe, and row around the lake before enjoying wonderfully immersive theatre produced by the Basilique Performing Arts Company.” Description taken from the Second Life Destination page.

Photos were taken using the windlight Creepy Pyri, and my Lelutka facelight when needed.

Deorro – Bailar feat. Elvis Crespo

Subelo, subelo, subelo, subelo, subelo, subelo
Vamo’ a bailar


Ven conmigo


Vamo’ a bailar


Willow is Wearing:

Lelutka Head with Slink Mesh body, Skin from League

Elikatira – Libby – FREE at Hairology until June 30th – – I adore this hair, and the HUD options are incredible! Thank you Elikatira!

IKON Triumph Eyes – Hazel – Get them, love them!

Alaskametro – Slink manicure/pedicure – “Midnight

Dirty Stories – Cursed Pendants Gothic Girl RARE – Gacha item available at Suicide Dollz Biweekly event – Once again Dirty Stories knocking it out the park with these cute necklaces.

Strapless Bra from Olivieri (mp only)

CNZ – View to View Top – Comes in Standard sizes, as well as Slink Physique, and Hourglass – Available at Designer Circle until June 24th – This is from one of my new sponsors, and I simple adore this little top!

Blueberry – Pizza Jeans – Another fabulous pair of jeans from Blueberry!

Essenz – Maine (Olive Gray) – Gacha Item at Main Store – These shoes simply slay!

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Crazy for You

If you follow along, you know I dig me some Cica Ghost. I am crazy for the newest Cica Ghost exhibit Keys. Make sure you check it out, and also check out this awesome song by the fabulous Toini & The Tomcats. Norwegian rockabilly goodness I tell ya!

Photos were taken by my sister Danu Grayson in the Firestorm Viewer. I am not sure the windlight that was used.

Toini & The Tomcats – Crazy For You

In the darkest hours you’ll be here
You will always stay with me

Love is strange, now I know
That you’re the one who holds the key


Willow is Wearing:

Skin – *League* Skin Erin Medium -Feline – No mesh head today. On my Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, I am wearing *League* Skin Applier -Medium with my own shape.

Tintable Dimples brought to you by the always awesome Zombie Suicide. I am seriously diggin’ these dimples! They are available at Cosmetic Fair – June 15-30, and come with Catwa, and Omega appliers as well as tattoo layers in Light, Medium, and Dark.

Hair- Lamb. – Prove It -In the June Luxe Box- lamb slayed it with this hair! So many choices, all of them fabulous!

Dress- tres blah– Carolina Dress – In the June 2016 Luxe Box

Shoes – Reign – Estee Heels -In the June 2016 Luxe Box- If you can’t find the color your looking for with these shoes, then that color does not exist.

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Crazy for You

Never Hit The Ground

A while back I went through a rough time, and a friend of mine sent me this song. I have adored it every since I heard it the first time. If ever I’m in need of a smile, I can always count on this tune to put one on my face and remind me everything is as it should be. I want to share this song with you, my lovelies, in case you ever find yourself in need of a smile.

Photos were taken at The Enchanted (where I am often seen frolicking) using MorningGlory & Calwl windlight

Diego’s Umbrella – Never Hit The Ground

I’ll see ya, I moved on, I let go


I just jumped and got no control
But I’m oblivious as if I never hit the ground


But I’m right here, where I’m supposed to be
And at least for the moment I can smile


Home Goods:
Jian :: Asbury Patio Furniture – Affordable set with a lot of great options.

Willow is Wearing:

Skin – *League* Skin Erin Medium -Feline – No mesh head today, I needed a mesh head break. However I did not need a mesh body break… On my Slink Physique Mesh Body, I am wearing *League* Skin Applier -Medium. Rockin’ my own shape.

Eyes – IKON Triumph Eyes – Hazel

Ears – Mandala – Unisex Steking EARS – One of my favorite set of ears.

Hair – Besom~ Just Friends *Blacks* – Available at the current round of Fameshed. I like being able to resize a hair if needed, and I found I couldn’t resize this one. You will need a hairbase with this hair, and I chose – [theSkinnery] Curly Hairbase – Group Gift

Sunglasses – Petite Mort– Lennon round specs – A gift available at this round of Tres Chic. Thank you Petite Mort, these are fabulous!

Tattoo – Silentsparrow – Swallow Tale Tattoo Set – I picked this up for Fifty Linden Friday. Great design, and pops of colors! Comes in Fresh, Betwixt (You just don’t hear that word often enough), and Faded. Omega, and Slink appliers included.

Septum Ring – Diamante – Essence Septum Piercing w/HUD – Available at the Bodyfy Bimonthly Event, which opens today June 8th. – I have been looking for a septum ring that wasn’t the circular ones that are very popular right now, and this one definitely hits the mark. Thank you Diamante!

My newest furry baby – JIAN – Held Ferret – This was from the June Midnight Madness. It was my first time doing the Monthly Midnight Madness, and my first introduction to Jian. Where have you been my whole Second Life Jian? PandaPanda (her new given name) comes with a HUD so you can change the fur texture. I simple adore this ferret! Thank you Jian!

Bathing Suit – Vinyl – Roe Bikini Pak Pink – Available at this round of Uber – My new most favorite bathing suit! Lots of options with the HUDs included.

Shoes – Illi – Edenia Purple Sandals – A gift available at this round of Tres Chic. Thank you Illi, these are a great pair of shoes. You can also get the full version here.

Polish – Alaskametro  – “Lush”  Slink Avatar Enhancement manicure/pedicure applier


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Never Hit The Ground


“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, that’s where I’ll be waiting”

I spent the evening at one of the most majestic places I have been to in Second Life possible ever. Winter Moon will absolutely take your breath away. Use their region windlight, turn the tunes on, and prepare to be taken away to someplace absolutely magical.

Photos were taken using the region windlight, and the photos had to be slightly brightened(but not to much).*

Lykke Li – Possibility

So tell me when you hear my heart stop


You’re the only one who knows.


Tell me when you hear my silence.


There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know


Willow is Wearing:

All worn on The Slink Physique, Lelutka Head with my own Shape

Since we last talked lovelies I became sponsored by :Diamante:

I am over the moon they decided to put a ring on it, as they are one of my favorite designers on the grid. They have not disappointed with this exclusive item for the upcoming Rock Attitude Fair 3. I’m quite smitten with all of them items.

:Diamante: Pentagram Hand Wraps (SLink)
:Diamante: Alimony Back Sling
:Diamante: Sweet Repentance Dress
:Diamante: Sweet Repentance Boots

All of these have a truly awesome HUD, and will be available at Rock Attitude Fair 3 from June 4 to 18

Hair: Magika [01] Things
Skin: *League* Slink Physique Skin Applier -Medium – The skin I wear the most
Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Smokey Eyes- So many options to choose from, all of them beautifully done.
Lipstick: Deesses Boutique: LeLutka – Cookie lipstick set (5 colors) – Slaying the lip game!
Nails: alaskametro<3 “Cosmic” nail art appliers

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

*edited versions of pictures are posted on my Flickr


Good Fortune

In preparation for The Enchanted Book Club meeting this past Sunday, I wanted to cozy up and skim through the chapters we would be discussing. I love spending time at The Enchanted reading, and I know you would too. I found this comfy pile of pillows, books, and lamp at Chez Moi, and I just adore it! It has so many great sits, and props. As with everything I have very purchased from Chez Moi, I am quite pleased.

PJ Harvey – Good Fortune


And I feel like some bird of paradise


My bad fortune slippin’ away


And I feel, the innocence of a child


Everybody’s got something good to say

Featured Home Decor: Chez Moi – Read Time Norway

Willow is Wearing:
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Alexa Black Choker Pearls (Includes Earrings)
The Secret Store – Peggy – Pleated Skirt – Charcoal
The Secret Store – Honey – Cotton Shirt – Red Polka
The Secret Store – Becky – T-strap Heels – Carbon
AviCandy – Satin Bow Pantyhose[Plum Bow]
Hair: Analog Dog – Molly
Lipstick: alaskametro ❤ – Creme Red
Nail Polish: alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure – Cherry
Eyes: Ikon Triumph – Hazel
Skin: League – Medium
All worn on The Slink Physique and Lelutka Head with my own shape

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Good Fortune