Watering Hole

Come along lovelies I have found the most incredible place to show you! Gates of Melancholy is inspired from the life and work of painter Andrew Wyeth. It will give you the feeling that you are in a watercolor painting done by this incredible painter.

Photos were taken using the region windlight, and a facelight when needed.

Missy Higgins – Watering Hole

Watering hole in my head
all that I pray is one night’s rest


but those creatures arrive with a thirst they want quenched
and as hard as I fight


they still get in
to my head


to that watering hole
in my head…


But every night one by one


all of the beasts I once ran from
crawl out of the darkness and into my bed


These vultures of light they must be fed


in my head


Willow is Wearing:

Hair – Phoenix – Fabienne Hair Color Mix  – This hair is so fabulous, and comes with a equally fabulous hud.

Head – Lelutka Aria – with Applier from League Luna -Medium

Eyeshadow – Alaskametro (fb) – “Smokeshow” (mp) – Comes with 6 incredible shades in Tattoo layers, Hud for Eve, Omega, TMP, Slink Visage, and Lelutka – My new favorite go to eyeshadow.

Lipstick –  Deesses Boutique -LeLutka – Natural lipstick set (5 colors) – All the matte goodness!

Skin – League –  Medium

Body – Slink Physique

Shape – Willow Shape (soon to be available at my MP store)

Necklace – Oxide – Geometric Leaf Necklace – A fabulous necklace with a great hud.

Nail Polish –  (NO) Art Nails – Glitz Glam – Comes with Hud for nails & pedicure in 8 awesome colors.

Bracelet – Izzie’s – Assorted Beads Bracelet (female)  – Left & right arm included in 4 spectacular colors with a resizer.

Butterflies – CNZ – Love Butterfly – Includes 3 adorable butterflies with 4 poses to use with them. Just touch the butterfly to change the color. – I seriously adore these!

Dress – Luas – Beach Dress – Green – This incredible dress comes in fitted mesh, Slink Physique & Hourglass and Maitreya

Shoes – Delirium Style – Marion Clogs  – Comes fitted for Slink & Belleza with a ankle lock included. Oh, and the HUD….WOW! 4 metals, 6 heels, and 16 upper colors to choose from!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Watering Hole

This is What You Came For

Hello Lovelies! I’ve been digging through my inventory, and I found some goodies to share with you. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting me in doing what I love as well. I truly do appreciate you all.

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For ft. Rihanna

Baby, this is what you came for

tiwycf (4)

Lightning strikes every time she moves

tiwycf (3)

And everybody’s watching her

tiwycf (2)

But she’s looking at you

tiwycf (1)

Willow is Wearing:

LeLutka Head-ARIA, Maitreya Lara body w/ hands & feet (polishes from HUD), [theSkinnery] Head is Demi & skin in Honey,   IKON Eyes in Wight, and my own shape

Hair – Spellbound – Nightshade // Chapter I – Earth – Great HUD, & there are 2 hairs in this package The other has little horns, and I think it’s a adorable little hair.

Eyeshadow – White~Widow – Face Tattoo Mellow – Silver – Comes with Tattoo layer, Eve, TMP, Lelutka, and Slink applier – Gorgeous, as all things from White Widow are.

Lipstick – DeeTaleZ  – Lipstick high gloss – 8 fabulous colors in 1 HUD

Necklace – Zombie Suicide – Tentacle Necklace – 3 sucker, and 8 tentacle colors in the HUD – This was the necklace that started my love of Zombie Suicide designs. I got it before I became a blogger for them, and it is to this day one of my favorite necklaces. This is also my last sponsored blog post for Zombie Suicide, but I will still always show love for their amazing designs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog for you.

Top – Diamante – Turmoil – There is also a skull design option, 2 metals, and 10 colors to choose from in the HUD – Fabulous fit, and versatile top makes it a favorite of mine.

Pants – Delirium Style – Maia Slim Jeans – Black Worn – Comes in standard sizes, Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya sizes –  I just bought these jeans recently and knew I had to blog them! They fit like a glove, and look like a dream.

Shoes – Reign– Gemma Booties- I have the fatpack which comes with 5 colors (Black, Gray, Tan, Camel, & White), fitted for Slink & Maitreya – Like most all things from Reign these are just fabulous!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

This is What You Came For

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Hello Lovelies! I have some fabulous treats for you, so lets dance on into this goodness!

Photos were taken in Firestorm Viewer using Calwl at one my Homes

Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness

Your lies are bullets
Your mouth’s a gun


And no war in anger
Was ever won


Put out the fire before igniting
Next time you’re fighting


Kill ’em with kindness


Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now

Willow is Wearing:

Lelutka Head Aria, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body w/ hands & feet (polish from the included HUD), [theSkinnery] Skin Appliers – Demi for the Head (from a previous event)-  head & body in Honey tone, used with my own shape.

Hair – LCKY -Sierra – Neutral Pack – New favorite hair alert!

Eyes – Zombie Suicide – Octavia Eyes V1 – 8 color options, with the ability to mix & match – Available at Suicide Dollz Biweekly event until July 15th

Eyeshadow – Alaskametro (fb) – “Smokeshow” (mp) – Comes with 6 incredible shades in Tattoo layers, Hud for Eve, Omega, TMP, Slink Visage, and Lelutka – A new favorite!

Lipstick – Deesses Boutique -LeLutka – Cookie set (5 colors) – Putting out some of my favorite lipsticks right now.

Top – Delirium Style – Sugah Corset/Top w.HUD – Endless variations, and superb texturing. Awesome work as usual Chrissy! (also, digging the new sim layout)

Skirt – Blueberry – Kyla w/HUD – Plain Black – Standard sizes, Maitreya,Belleza, Slink. Comes with or without strap options – As usual, awesomeness from Blueberry.

Leggings – Zombie Suicide – Torn Leggings – 16 colors, clothes layer, and Omega applier included – Available at Kinky Monthly until July 20th – Awesome leggings!

Shoes – CNZ – Flip Flops w/HUD – Available at Designers Circle until July 9th -Great pair of flippy floppys with a spectacular HUD, and a steal at L$199!


Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Bright Lights

If you love Art, then you need to head over to Entropy. It truly defies definition, but I promise you, it will not be disappointing.

Photos were taken using the region windlight

Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights

You gonna know my name by the end of the night, yeah

entropy (2)

Bright lights, big city going to my head

entropy (4)

Get lost in this city trying to find myself

entropy (3)

I went up with different versions
Came down somebody else

entropy (1)

Willow is Wearing:

My birthday was super good to me, and I am rockin’ a lot of pressies for you today my lovelies!

Poses – oOo Studio – Glances – These were the speical for Fifty Linden Friday

Skin – [theSkinnery] Demi ( LeLutka Mesh Head Applier) – honey – Available at Ultra Event until June 15th
[theSkinnery] Belleza Body Applier v 2.0 (honey) Worn on Isis w/ the Belleza hands & feet. The Belleza Body was also a birthday pressie, and I’m still learning the ins & outs of it. But so far I like it, and find it easy to use.

Eyeshadow: – Alaskametro “Smokeshow” eyeshadow – Who has 2 thumbs and adores Alaskametro…This girl!

Lipstick: [theSkinnery] Demi Lip Palette (LeLutka Applier) – Available at Ultra Event until June 15th

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira – Available at Uber until June 22nd

Wimey(on MP): Don’t Panic Top – Shirt comes in standard sizes
I found out over the weekend that the owner of Wimey has been sick. That made me pretty sad, because I adore Wimey. Because she is sick her in world store is, at least for now, not there. So head over to Wimey’s Marketplace and show some love. Get better soon Sash. ❤

Delirium Style – Harness and Skirt w.HUD – If you know me, you know I loves me some Delirium Style! I was super stoked to receive this latest release as a pressie! The HUD is freakin Awesome! Get this skirt, wear it, loves it as much as I do. Comes with fits for Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and Lara mesh bodies.

Delirium Style – Ramona Shoes w.HUD – Stoked for these shoes! Awesome HUD,well made, lots of options! Fits for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink feet, plus a Ankle Lock. All hail the ankle lock!

 Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Bright Lights


Have you been wanting to take the mesh head plunge, but aren’t sure you want to spend the money to do so yet? Well lovelies have I found a deal for you! If you head over to Eve & Adam, join the group there, you can purchase this awesome mesh head for L$1 which they promptly refund you. FREE MESH HEAD!

Photos were taken at the lovely Skye Neist Point using the regions windlight. If you see something there you like, it can be purchased on their Marketplace Store.

Seeb – Breathe ft. Neev

Tell me all the dreams you found


Sing me all the songs you love


Can I sing them with you now


Willow is Wearing:

Wearing Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with my own shape

Eve & Adam – EVE-Mesh Head-*N1new* Free Version – The HUD is limited, but to unlock it is pretty affordable. I purchased The Eve Omega System Kit so I could apply the skin I was using. The neck seemed a little odd fitting to me. After adding hair, and the necklace it looked fine to me. The eye shadow, and blush I’m wearing we’re including on the HUD. The lips were part of the skin.

Skin: Lumae :: Fable ~ Earth – Includes Skin, clothing, tattoo layers. AMD Bump Appliers, Set of 3 ears, Lelutka, Mouth, Omega Head & Body, Omega Petite, SLink Mutli HUD, Slink Nails, and TMP Head & Body. appliers.

Hair: Magika – Bad Habit – Free Group Gift, so it is just this color you get. But, this hair can be purchased with various HUDS.

IKON Triumph Eyes – Hazel – My usual eyes, and I dig the eyes that Ikon puts out. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Necklace: *Cila* – Love Me Not Collar – Gacha Item at SaNaRae – From May 25 – June 14th

MdiModa – Rose/Pearl Ring – L$1!!

EarthStones – Tarnished Gypsy Bangles – Brass/Carnelian – Fatpack includes 5 bracelets

Delirium Style – Maia Sweater w.HUD – Love the texturing, and HUD that comes with this!

Delirium Style – Maia Slim Jeans :: Black Worn – Standard sizes, Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya

Delirium Style – Wiccan Ankle Boot w.HUD – Adorable boots with epic hud are extra adorable!


Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

*edited versions of pictures are posted on my Flickr



2 things… 1. I adore the art that Cica Ghost creates. 2. Tech N9NE is the awesome.

Cica once again brought the A game when creating Arachnid, much like Tech N9NE did with the song Fragile. Art and music go together for me like salt and pepper. Independently both great things, but usually better when you use them together. So follow along lovelies, I have strange and wonderful things to show you.

All photos were taken using the regions windlight, and a facelight that came with my Lelutka Mesh Head.


I’ve spent all night long scared of tomorrow, broke my alarm


Everything is almost lost, pick it up slow, before it’s gone…


We’re fragile


Wish I’d have known

Willow is Wearing:

Hair – Magika – Awake (02) – Making some of the best hairs on the grid.

QweenB – Not The Droid Parts R Arm Silver – Gacha item at The Dark Style Fair – This designer is pretty fresh to the scene, and I am really excited to see what they do next.

SU!– Dexiem Eyes – POISON – The Dark Style Fair– I was over the moon to see a static set was included! Thank you!! ❤
SU!- Somber Eyeshadow “Ink” – The Dark Style Fair – Ends on June 4th – You can also get this without the Face Tattoos, and I think it has some great options.

Alaskametro – “Angel” lipstick  – I swear to you I am not under contract with Alaskametro! LOL They just make such a great product at a reasonable price that most can afford. Thank you for that Alaskametro!

Diamante: Limitless Facial Piercing – Another Designer that I swear I am not under contract with! 😀 They are just awesome, and they are really generous to their VIP’s. Well worth the $100 you pay to join the group. They even give you monthly store credit. I saved my credit up, and bought the shoes I am wearing in this blog post.
Diamante: Prestigious – Mesh Piercings – Chest Piercings & Spike Ring set on right hand – This Fatpack came with more jewelry than I could even wear!  Great deal! (My wedding band from Diamante is also on that hand)

Alaskametro – “Cosmic” nail art appliers Pedicure & Manicure for Slink/Maitreya/Omega – This is part of the Buy Now Event on Marketplace. I have to say I am a fan of this event concept. No lag shopping from reputable designers…I’m in!

Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – LOVE ROCKER – SILVER – You want options? You will get them with this purchase! Wear them all grouped like I did, or there are options for others groupings, and individual pieces. Plus a pair of earrings! Great Deal!

Ninette Creations – Crosd Pasties Omega/Maitreya/Slink – …Nipple Tape, an essential in everyone’s inventory in my humble opinion.

Delirium Style – Demona Leather Jacket+top w.HUD – It did not come with a slink fit so I tried the Belleza Freya, and it actually worked great. It also has a tube top that I didn’t wear, with HUDs for both.
Delirium Style – Lola High Waist Shorts w.HUD – comes in standard sizes, slink Physique & Hourglass. Big fan of these shorts, and I am always impressed with the texturing on Delirium Style products.

Blueberry – Bonie Socks – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Solid Black – What can I say about Blueberry that most don’t already know? They are awesome, go get ’em. 🙂

Diamante: Sugar Demonata Kicks w.HUD – Oh how I love these shoes, and the HUD that comes with them!

Skin – Lumae :: Fable ~ Moon – Awesome fantasy skin with appliers for dang near every mesh part on the market for L$100…yes please! Worn on my Lelutka head with my own shape, but also comes with shapes. And get this, it even comes with 3 sets of ears! Shut up and take my money!!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!



Wear It Like A Crown

Today I’m featuring Rebeca Bashly -Queen’s Gambit Declined. A wonderful art installation in Second Life. Look closely all around for there is more to see than meets the eye, and don’t forget to pick up the beautiful gift at the landing point.

All photos were taken using the regions windlight, and a facelight that came with my Lelutka Mesh Head.


I don’t know where this fear comes from,
How I became so afraid of losing everyone,
Never been afraid of being lonely,
Now I’m becoming the one I’m most scared of being.


I don’t know where this fear comes from,
This fear of failing fear of letting everyone, and myself down,
It’s growing deep into my soul,
Making me all paralyzed and cold.


It’s two steps forward, three steps back again,
I’ll turn my face against it, I wont run,
‘Cause courage and belief are my redeems,
No one else can rescue me it seems.


‘Cause if I don’t follow my heart this time,
I’m gonna forget what this life is all about,
I’m gonna take that path, I’m going in on my own,
I’m gonna take that fear and wear it like a crown.

Rebekka Karijord – Wear It Like A Crown

Willow is Wearing:

SU!– Dexiem Eyes AMETHYST
SU!– Somber Eyeshadow (Add Me!)
Suki -Reagan ~ black
Delirium Style – Tarja Laced Boots w:HUD (Also available at Main Store)
[LF] Guren Flower Collar [BLACK]
[LF] Guren Flower Horns [BLACK]
Poses from NRage: Paining, and Woman
All the above can be found at The Dark Fair that runs until June 4, 2016

Diamante: Criminal Pleasures Earrings Boxed
Diamante: Eternity Black Diamonds Bridal Set
Maxi Gossamer – Ketama
Schadenfreude Waits – I’ll Shoot the Moon Rings at Collabor88
Hair: Truth – Lola
Skin: Lumae :: Fable ~ Entropy
Lipstick: alaskametro<3 “Angel” Polish: alaskametro<3 “Midnight”

All worn on The Slink Physique and Lelutka Head

Wear It Like A Crown