Photos were taken at the stunning Everlong


The region Everlong is a place that invites each visitor to celebrate different moments of their life. I opened myself up, and truly did celebrate all the different moments of my life. It was a magical, and beautiful experience.

Windlight – Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day*

Ruth B – Golden


The fire that you tried to burn me with, it made me who I am
All the things that you said I couldn’t do
Guess what, Yes I can


Cause I’m not weak, I’m not broken, I am bold
And the fire you put me through turned me into gold
I’m not done, I’m no loser


Watch me take on my bright future
Tonight I’m no bronze, I’m no silver


You’ll be thinking damn I knew her
But you didn’t
Don’t get it twisted


Out of the ashes you buried me in
I am golden

Willow is Wearing:

Hair: Magika [03] Surprise – Fabulous Hair & HUD

Eyes: Clemmm – Cornea Transplant Pink – Gacha at the Store

Skin: Lumae :: Adore – Ianthe // Seashells – I think this is my favorite yet

*Just BECAUSE* Ahrianna Bikini – Arctic – This was the top that was being worn for the advertisement for the Elise Maxi Skirt. I just went for the top, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a whole bikini

*Just BECAUSE* Elise Maxi Skirt – Arctic at Uber

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

*edited versions of pictures are posted on my Flickr




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