Just like Fire

Another fabulous spot called Nusquam. (Sadly they closed down shortly after this blog post)



Male is  is wearing:

L&B Swear Aesthetic “Classic” Cargo Shorts
L&B Swear Retro T-Shirt w/HUD
Glasses: Earthstones – The Classic-Darks

Body: Niramyth Productions Aesthetic  – Enzo Package.
Hair: Damselfly – Gabriel

Some of the other male items came from Men Only Monthly. Be sure to swing by there fellas. This round closes May 15th, and the new rounds start on the 20th.


Willow is wearing:

Top: Blueberry – Jocelyn
Skirt: Blueberry – Kyla
REIGN.– Mishi Thigh High Boots

Today I was rocking my Maitreya body


Nusquam – “Welcome to nowhere.”

Thank you for checking out my blog, and as always Happy Second Lifeing!

Just like Fire

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