Do it Like a Dude


Pose: {.:exposeur:.} The Keyhole @Geeks ‘n’ Nerds Event 10/17-11/1/15

Skin: October Group Gift from 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Shape: Dustin from Ubody

Eyes from Ikon

AO: Casual Male from Tutys

Beard & Hairbase: Chicago Ink

Hands: Relax from Slink

Hat: Stud Swagger Cap w.HUD from Delirium Style

Ears: Unisex Steking Ears from Mandala

Tattoo:  Hannya from Letis Tattoo

Shirt: “Classic” T-Shirt – Graphics Edition (w/HUD) from Lapointe & Bastchild

Pants: “Classic” Jeans – Worn from Lapointe & Bastchild

Shoes: Clearports Best Mistake from Flite

We’ve all seen men trailing behind their female companions with a look of someone who’s being punished. Most likely, they are out at one of the popular shopping events. I started feeling kinda bad for the guys, so I decided to spend a week as a male avatar to walk a mile in their shoes. I decided to interview a few men along the way.

Here are a few things I learned while I was running around “doing it like a dude.”

Events Are Pointless for Men

My friend Jung said it best, “I rarely go to any events, because what is the point? So, you can look at about 50 women’s items and hope that there is 1 decent men’s item? Even the one event that was a men’s event has gone unisex! It makes me not want to go there. Men like to look good too dammit!”

No More Saggy Pants

When it comes to fashion, almost all the men I interviewed said something similar in terms of the pants. It was the one thing they were all quite passionate about, really. They would like to see the death of the saggy baggy pants and the skinny jeans. Or, as Ranger put it, “More clothes that make you look like a man and not a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber or a Goth trucker.”

Bruno said, “More pants that fit up instead of baggies. I don’t mind the baggy style, but it’s nice to be able to show off your backside every now and then. I hear women like a nice butt on a guy.”

Loki said, “I would like to see less of the so called baggies that look like skinny jeans with a baggy crotch area that goes to the knees. Would love to see a larger variety of clothing, outfit options, and themes like casual, Goth, leather, formal, lounge wear, Medieval, etc.”

Now hear this designers of male fashion in Second Life — the men would like pants that sit on the crotch properly, please. And, I have to say that, as a woman, I would also like to see more of that.

We Need More Balance

The market is not balanced when it comes to the ratio of male vs. female places to shop. According to some men, a store that is unisex or has a few male items tossed among a ton of female items does not a male store make!

“Often times, you’ll see women discussing where the newest pair of pants is from, or where they got that hair. If that conversation were happening between two guys, and one guy asked the other where his shirt was from, there’s a pretty good chance that he could guess and get it right. So, I’d change the balance of the markets so that they were more even,” said Asmen.

Men Care How They Look, Too!

It’s cliché that it takes a woman longer to get dressed than a man, but in Second Life the only reason that may be true is that they have a limited amount of choices. When you have two pairs of pants and a few shirts, getting dressed takes less time.

Having said that, men do care what they look like! They want the same amount of care put into the making of clothing for them as the women get in clothing created to suit their tastes.

Soapy said, “I understand that those who run a fashion business within s/l will target the gender that will on a regular basis buy fashion. S/l is flooded with fashion for the female, and not so much for the male. Good quality fashion for the male is, at best, restricted to a few long established designers. So, I would like to see more fashion for the male that puts an emphasis on good quality design.”

Men Want Choices

Due to the lack of designers putting a focus on the male market, the choices for clothing, shoes, and skins aren’t as varied as men would like to see.

“I’d like to see skin appliers for the Aesthetic body for men and just cooler stuff,“ said Avery

Lukis said, “I would like to see more casual clothing for men. Right now, you are either in a suit or you’re in street clothes. Sometimes, I want to wear just dress pants and a dress shirt with a tie. Not the whole suit with jacket. We need more casual shoe choices. We get boots, dress shoes, or skate shoes right now. Would like to more stuff like Nikes that don’t look like you could pack a city in them and set sail. Oh, and way more jewelry PLEASE.”

It’s Not Just About the Clothes

Men want more than just well-made clothing from designers who care about their needs. They are at a disadvantage when it comes to important things like body parts and animations. Believe it or not, most men in Second Life do not want to knock people down with their penis when they enter the area.

Malan said, “Having to buy your equipment just sucks big time cause there is nothing realistic about it. It’s either hugs or not. Just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Not all men are raving sex maniacs who can’t appreciate the joy of a good cuddle. They would like to see more animations that cover a variety of situations. This includes the use of furniture where men are made to look stiff and less than realistic.

There are Rays of Sunshine

Before you get the impression that men are walking around Second Life grumbling about clothes and shoes all the time, let me assure you that they are pretty cool about just enjoying their experiences.

“I have seen a lot of great folks that are glad to be here in Second Life. One negative would be folks who are somewhat silent more than introducing themselves,” said Sam.

Jet said, “I really don’t feel it is a gender related thing. I believe life and choices are what you make them even here on SL. We all make choices and decisions that lead to other avenues. It is all about choices, fate, and way you handle things.”

Personal Thoughts from Willow

I learned a great deal during my week as a male avatar, and not all the discoveries were related to clothing or fashion. There were times when I was treated very differently because I was a man. Even some of my friends and acquaintances treated me differently. It became obvious that the ratio of men to women is small, and I think that makes some women feel like they have to throw themselves at men for attention… even if that man is just a man for a week.

The negative from my experiences would be the lack of clothing choices. I may just throw all of Willow’s clothes on the floor somewhere and roll around in them now. Or, change my shoes once an hour for an entire day… just because I can!

The positive from my experiences is, without a doubt, that I met some great people who were open to sharing their thoughts with me.

Though I am not yet a designer, I want the men of Second Life to know that their voice has been heard! Whether it leads to a change in the minds of current designers, who can say. We can always hope!

Do it Like a Dude

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